Friday, March 27, 2020

Live music streams and more ...

For my first post in way the f**k too long, what does someone who generally posts about upcoming live music do? The toll of this pandemic on local musicians and venues is enormous. It's been gratifying to see so many beginning to stream live music via Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. Figured I'd provide some live music streaming links/resources.

But first a couple of recommendations to musicians (a few of you get these posts and maybe even read them).
  1. If you're using Facebook (or even if using another platform), please create events for your live streams. And if you're doing it regularly, create a recurring event. That way we can be alerted ... though maybe I'm the only one who can't remember what day and time you said you were going live.
  2. Test your setup first - image framing, lighting, sound (most important!). Depending on the gear you're using you can get very different results. Whatever device you're using to stream (computer, tablet, phone), if you're going to do this regularly I'd recommend using a good quality webcam and microphone (could be Bluetooth or USB).
  3. Make sure we (the audience) knows how to tip you. And mention it during the live session.
  4. Review your sessions to see what you can improve the next time (rinse, repeat) - check in with other streaming musicians for advice if needed.
It's been great seeing some excellent live sessions... going to give particular kudos to Tony Furtado and Stephanie Schneiderman for their Thursday night sessions from their living room - for the sound and performance quality, the visuals, and for the warmth in their presenting (not to mention their son Liam's introductions). It's not easy when you can't see anybody. :-)

It would be great if there was some compiled listing of upcoming live streams - both New Orleans (on the sites of WWOZ and Offbeat Magazine) and Austin (at Austin360) have created listings of live online performances. In Portland, the best I've found so far is at Vortex Magazine where shows are listed on their calendar page. I heard Oregon Music News might begin a listing, but there's nothing there yet. In Friday's A&E, there was an article with links to livestreaming classical music

Livestream music I know of that's coming up on Facebook in the next few days (and that are not in the Vortex Mag calendar):
Steve Kerin - every day at 4 pm (also doing it via Zoom)
James Low - Saturday @ 6 pm
Mary Flower - Monday @ 1:30 pm
Pete Krebs - streaming a song a day

And I know there's lots more  ... these are just some that have come through my Fb page. 

One of the most ambitious streaming efforts is from the Alberta Rose Theater - called The Portland Music Stream - they are streaming 20 performances (began last weekend) over four weeks. It's $100 which comes out to $5 per show - with an outstanding lineup of local performers. You can subscribe here. Subscribers can watch live or view the recordings. Hopefully there'll be more months of streaming shows while we can't actually attend the Alberta Rose.

Also, a portion of the subscription will go to another great effort to support local musicians - the Jeremy Wilson Foundation's COVID-19 Musicians Relief Fund. Even if you don't subscribe to the concert stream, you can donate through the fund's GoFundMe page.

It's great to see so much music being streamed. I have a feeling a bunch of my time will be well spent listening to some of my favorite artists (local and otherwise) and maybe getting turned on to some I don't know so well. Hope you do the same. And tip, purchase music and merch ... support artists and venues as best you can and look forward to getting together on the other side of this situation. 

Stay healthy!

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