Sunday, July 9, 2017

You're invited! I'm hosting another "house concert" - Davis Rogan - on Thursday, July 13

Hey music friends ...
It's finally time to host another one! Again it will be at a cozy little restaurant in Sellwood -Simon's Office (8128 SE 13th Ave).​Why should you come out to see New Orleans pianist, singer, songwriter, and one of the Big Easy's most entertaining and amusing raconteurs, Davis Rogan? Yeah, this guy ...

You might recognize him if you were a fan of HBO's Treme. Or possibly know the story behind the creation of one of the lead characters, Davis McAlery. Producer David Simon was drawn to Davis' experience and stories about New Orleans, employing this fifth-generation New Orleanian as a consultant, actor, scriptwriter, piano coach, songwriter, and the muse for the character Davis. By the series' end, Rogan had written or placed more music in the show than any other musician.

Davis draws his musical inspiration from Professor Longhair and Fats Domino. What New Orleans rhythm and blues piano player doesn't? But what separates Davis is his lyrics. The wit, irony and self-deprecation echo Randy Newman, but the wry observations about life, humanity and New Orleans are uniquely his. Davis is a very astute and funny commentator of the culture, music, and complicated history of his native city.

After spending four years in Portland as a undergrad at Reed College, Davis also has a very special connection to, and fondness for our city ... and found some folks clapped on the one and the three (Treme fans - you should get the reference).

Davis came to prominence in the New Orleans music scene in the 90s with his eight-piece funk, brass and hip hop group All That, for which he was band leader, vocalist, principal songwriter, arranger and producer of three albums. With a smaller rhythm and blues band, the original material of 2005's The Once and Future DJ led to his work on Treme.

2011's The Real Davis was a rumination on the meta existence of writing songs for a character who bears one's name. In 2014, with the show wrapped, Davis wrote Ex Machina. While rooted in New Orleans R&B, this album hearkens back to the funk and rap sounds of his earlier work.
Hope you can make it out to Simon's Office on the 13th for a really fun evening. The show starts at 8 pm, and we're asking for a $15 - 20 suggested donation at the door - all of which will go to Davis.

Food and drink will be available from Jason and his great team at the restaurant, so feel free to arrive early. Please let me know if you plan to attend - via email or phone - I'll keep a list - our capacity is around 45 folks, so let me know soon.

Thanks and hope to see you on July 13!

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