Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June tunes

This Friday, the 5th, my friend, Jill Sobule (she of the original "I Kissed a Girl"), will be opening for Joseph Arthur at Doug Fir.  Joseph Arthur will also be opening a show of his paintings on Thursday at Right Side Art, 625 NW Everett.
Tomorrow at Blackwell's, Chris Carlson will be joining Dave Kahl and maybe a birthday appearance by his lovely wife, Duffy Bishop.
June 20, Mr. John Doe and Jesse Dayton (and hopefully Cindy Wasserman) will be at Doug Fir ( I tried so hard to get him to play Alberta Rose....but next time....)
Saturday Fernando and Ralph Huntley play Corkscrew Wine Bar at 8 PM on SE Bybee.
....and then..Blues Festival brings us the Alvin Brothers, Ty Curtis, Duffy Bishop, Alan Toussaint...and the list goes on...

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