Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rising from the holidays...

Y'know...Jim and I live about 3 blocks apart and we must be in hibernation mode, as I haven't heard hide nor hair from north of Tacoma...but hey, there is still the music..
If you missed last week's show with Patterson Hood from Drive By Truckers and Willy Vlautin and Dan Eccles from Richmond Fontaine...well, you blew it....Willy and Dan acoustic was breathtakingly pretty and though I confess to not being that familiar with DBT, Patterson was hysterically funny and entertaining.  He is back the next two Wednesdays, at the Doug Fir, and this week Fernando Viciconte opens.  Fernando is coming back from a few years of severe health issues that kept him from singing and has a new album coming out next month.  He's still limiting his live performances, so be sure to catch this one.
On January 25, Jim Lauderdale returns to the Alberta Rose Theatre.  Love that Nashville twang!
On the 29th, The Autumn Defense with Pat Sansone and John Stirrett from Wilco will be at Mississippi not even think of blocking my view of Sansone if you go....
..and if you go to SXSW, say hi to my fave local band, Divers...they will be there representing the NW territories.

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