Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some great mid-week music

Two excellent touring musicians in town tonight ... neither a cheap ticket, but well worth it!

At the Aladdin, it's multi-talented David Bromberg, on tour promoting his new CD, Only Slightly Mad. I've been a fan of David and his music since the first time I saw him on the stage of Bayside HS in late 1969 (or early 1970 ... the date is a bit hazy). He was already a veteran sideman in the NY folk/rock scene and beginning to establish himself as a solo artist. His musical journey as an artist is fascinating (check out this NYT article). David is one of those keepers of the vast knowledge of American roots music that he can reveal through his mastery of anything with strings, and channel through his own songwriting. ... This is going to be a great show ... 8 pm, $35

Fan of the jazz organ, the distinctive sounds of the Hammond B-3. One of the best players in the world is at Jimmy Mak's tonight - Joey DeFrancesco. Here's how the Chicago Tribune recently described him:
When Joey DeFrancesco seats himself at the organ, listeners hear a rarefied level of musical and technical authority. Fast-moving notes fly by in a whir. Chordal swells suggest the work of two musicians, not one. Musical climaxes build with inexorable force, but also with care and control.
Tonight's show has a Latin jazz focus and will be an outstanding listening experience with a contemporary jazz master. ... 8 pm, $23/$28

And in other genres with big acts in town tonight ... Arctic Monkeys at the Roseland (8 pm, sold out), and Vampire Weekend at the Crystal Ballroom (7 pm, sold out)

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