Friday, July 19, 2013

Fests, fests and more fests

 I'm beginning to think Oregon is trying to compete with Louisiana for most music festivals ... ok, that's a bit overstated (really, check out the annual Louisiana fest list), but summer just explodes with multi-day music events here.

Ryan White of the Oregonian did a great preview of five that are happening this weekend in Portland: PDX Pop Now, the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival (both of those are free!), the Northwest String Summit, the first 8 Track Relay, and the second Sometimes a Great Notion Festival.

Plus, beginning this evening in Willamina is the Wildwood Americana and Roots Music Fest.

And, there's free music in the parks, street fairs, and more. How can anyone keep track? (tip: see my previous Summer free music post).

Hey folks, it's summer ... get outdoors to live music while you can!

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