Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's official..

Booker T and Charlie Hunter at Dante's on April 14th!!
..and for more soul, Martha Reeves tonight at Jimmie Mak's - two shows, 7:30 and !0:00, The Etta James tribute "Tell Mama" CD release party tomorrow at Alberta Rose and Irish Soul at Alberta Rose on Saturday with Kevin Burke (who was once impressed that I was an American girl who knew about hot-knifing...I will say no more..) and Cal Scott.
Lost Lander at the Wonder on Mar. 29!  One of my fave local bands!  Non-musically, but still amusing Dimitri Martin at the The Aladdin on the 28th...I've seen him live at least 3 times and I highly recommend his show! I musts go mull why Peter Murphy and Black Flag will be playing at the Hawthorne Theatre...not together...that would be even crazier than the fact they got booked into the Hawthorne.


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