Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Support your local filmmakers....

My friend, Beth Harrington is working on finishing her film about the Carter family, but in the meantime, you can catch her great film about the women in rockabilly at Mississippi Studios:

Monday 8/6/12
Welcome To The Club: The Women of Rockabilly

Tonight's film continues a film series with Bitch Media, who helm our favorite feminist magazine that now houses its offices in Portland. They continue the event that was such a success in their former homebase of Oakland with showing riveting and fun films that showcase a bevy of female talents. We couldn't think of anything better for our favorite Cinebitch. In the eye-opening film WELCOME TO THE CLUB - THE WOMEN OF ROCKABILLY, we meet four of the most influential rockabilly women - Wanda Jackson, Brenda Lee, Janis Martin, and Lorrie Collins. Uniquely American artists, yet loved by enclaves of dedicated fans the world over, Wanda, Brenda, Janis and Lorrie were the queens of rockabilly - rock and roll's country cousin that had its short but influential heyday in the mid-1950s. For a few brief moments, they burst onto a predominantly male scene with an unprecedented musical message of female power and assertiveness. They not only bucked the staid notion of what was appropriate to sing as a country star, but also rejected the models of post-war femininity that were being marketed in the wider culture - models of suburban wedded bliss and a return to "traditional" motherhood. The women of rockabilly were anything but demure, defying the social order of the times and creating an unprecedented musical message of female power and assertiveness.
6:30 Doors, 7:00 Show
$5-$10 Sliding Scale DOS
Mostly Seated

And on Sunday, Aug. 5, on the patio at Mississippi Studios, starting at 3 PM, Matt Sheehy of Lost Lander will be playing acoustically.
Friday night, Ottmar Liebert at Alberta Rose, Aug. 4 Dan Reed at the Star, Aug. 9 at the Star will be Peter Murphy of Bauhaus
...and I may be off to Basque country to work on a video for Helio Sequence, but first, Monday in Sellwood Roverfront, Rich Layton.....hopefully he will do the song that my friend Duane Jarvis wrote with Ms. Lucinda....

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