Saturday, May 19, 2012

He's an inspiration.....

..our Jim, now that he's slowly easing back into our NW he triggered some things I've been meaning to put out there, now that I have recovered from X show....tomorrow, Sunday, the long missing Pete Droge will be making an appearance at the Mission Theater to play a short set starting at 6PM before the screening of the documentary, "A Lot Like You", for which he wrote the score.  If you have never seen him live, I highly recommend it - one of the finest singer/songwriters around and he's not been playing out a lot lately.  The documentary, about a multi-racial woman's search for her father's family in Africa and the secrets she uncovers has raised a lot of buzz, also. 
Tonight, which most of you won't know, because I am doing this late...Lenny Rancher and the Carlisle group at Eugenio's.
Wednesday, Loudon Wainwright at the Aladdin and then Saturday, John C. Reilly and cohorts, including Tom Brosseau also at the Aladdin....worked with Johnny C on a film in '94 and can't wait to see my Chi-town bro!
June 1 - heads up - Lost Lander plays at 5 PM at Rose Festival.

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