Saturday, October 1, 2011

Benefit concert Sunday for musician Glenn Holstrom

I am forwarding this message from Lloyd Jones about a benefit concert this Sunday at Vie de Boheme Winery for Lloyd's longtime musical partner and friend, Glenn Holstrom, who has been battling colon cancer.  It's an all too familiar story of a musician who gets seriously ill, doesn't have insurance, etc, etc ... Luckily there's a supportive community that can step in and provide some assistance and comfort.  I won't get started on my "socialist" views of how we should be doing healthcare (will save that rant for some other time), but simply say that if you have a few bucks to contribute and want to hear some great music to support a member of the community that is hurting, come out on Sunday afternoon.

I originally was going to be out of town this weekend, but plans changed, so I am looking forward to attending tomorrow ... hope you can join me. 


From: Lloyd Jones <>
Subject: Important Sunday Concert!

Attention Music Lovers!

This Sunday, October 2nd at Vie de Boheme (SE 7th & Clay St., Portland, OR) 4-11pm, Tom Grant, Bobby Torrez, Dan Balmer, Ellen White, King Louie, Louis Pain, Peter Dammann, Gary Hobbs, Michael Bard, Lloyd Jones Struggle & Friends, Peter Boe, and many others will be performing to raise funds for the "One & Only G-Man" …Glenn Holstrom!

All these musicians know what a genius piano player, organ player, arranger extraordinaire, and treasured friend the great "G-Man" is, but many of you fans may not. Glenn has played & arranged the music of Tom Grant, Lloyd Jones, Curtis Salgado, Ellen White, Dan Balmer, Paul deLay, and dozens of others. Truly the "go-to-guy" for all of us musicians. So many of us have said, "you should ask Glenn, he'll know what to do". Yeah baby…he's the man!


G-Man needs our help now. He's fighting a serious battle with colon cancer and we want him to win.

If you ever were moved by any of these peoples' music (and I believe you have or you wouldn't even be on my email list), no doubt you've been moved by "G-Man".

Please come out for this inspired evening of special music & friends and help Glenn as you can. I believe you'll get a lot out of this night…I know Glenn will. It's just what he needs right now.

For more info & schedule of performances go to:


Thanks for your support,


PS – Glenn Holstrom will be attending and possibly playing on Sunday.

PSS – We will also be demonstrating and performing the dance known throughout the tri-county area as…"The Holstrom".  Anyone, even musicians, can do it!


Lloyd Jones

"Groove Merchant"

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