Thursday, August 18, 2011

XMass's asides....

I'm sure Jim would mention this, but we have a big week of visitors from the south this week: Phil Alvin and the Blasters at Dante's on Saturday, John Doe doing an in-store at Music Millennium to preview his new album "Keeper" on Aug.23 at 6PM (I'm still reeling that it's been 4 years since his last record...), and then brother Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men (including our own Chris Miller), with Lost Straitjackets opening on the 25th at the Aladdin...must be too hot in Cali this time of year. And a little bird has told me that John Doe will return Oct. 22 at Dante's for a solo show.
For the music and theater old timers - there will be a Storefront Theatre reunion at Creston Park on SE Powell and 45th, Sunday the 21st at 1 PM. Teddy Deane of Rounders and Clamtones fame will be coming down from the San Juans and there's no telling who else will materialize. Pot luck.

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