Friday, August 5, 2011

While Dad's out on the farm.....

..XMass will just sneak in a couple of other music options. Lostlander will play at RonTom's on Sunday night at 9 PM and for those of us who can still remember the '80's, Dan Reed (yes, he of the Dan Reed Network) will be playing up at Washington Park, by the Rose Garden. I believe this starts kind of early - 6:30 PM, and is free. If you haven't heard his new solo CD, get on it! Tony Demicoli and I agree; his most soulful music ever. His next gig in town will be on my birthday, Nov. 19, at the Star Theater...presents and presence will be accepted. And don't forget, next Saturday, Aug.13 is the Customer Appreciation BBQ at Music Millennium - free food, music, prizes...come have fun and show your support for our favorite local music vendor...and you can get Dan's CD while you're there....just sayin'. Next instore event I'm looking forward to will be John Doe on Aug. 23, previewing his new album "Keeper" which comes out on the 30th...but he pays me to say that. Also in our musical future: The Blasters @ Dante's on Aug. 20, followed by brother Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men (featuring our own Chris Miller) on Aug. 25 at the Aladdin.
Hoping I get out to see the Sadies at Pickathon myself (but relying on an elusive freebie, I confess..), but if you're stuck in town, the neighborhood (Jim's and mine) is having a big garage sale..mostly around SE 19th, 21st and Umatilla come by, say hi and buy stuff!!

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