Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heads up for two shows on Friday - the Treme connection

There's a show on HBO that I've been completely captivated by ... Treme. I know some of you are fans of the show, others probably have no idea to what I refer. But if you have any love, connection, interest in New Orleans - its culture, history, music, and life there since Katrina - this show dives deeply and accurately into the soul of the Crescent City. I won't go on about it here (but I might soon), but there are two artists who have a very direct connection to the show that are in town for performances on Friday evening.

A long-time favorite of mine, Steve Earle will be at the Crystal Ballroom. Steve is a very busy guy these days - a very fine new CD, I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive, a well received first novel (of the same name), book and music tours, a weekly radio show on Sirius/EM, and a recurring role on Treme where he's a street singer/songwriter (Harley) that is a mentor to one of the main characters (Annie). Steve is a fantastic songwriter and performer, has a great backing band (the Dukes & Dutchesses) that includes wife Allison Moorer (fine singer/songwriter herself) .... 8 pm, $30 advance/$35 door

Another character on Treme, DJ Davis McAlery (played by Steve Zahn), is loosely based on New Orleans musician Davis Rogan (a number of the Treme characters have some connection to real people who reside there ... a few even play themselves).  Davis (the "real" Davis - also the name of his new CD) is in town and performing this weekend at the Kenton Club and at Reed College (where he's an alumnus).  Davis' tunes combine party music with some strong social commentary in a style that combines NOLA funk, jazz, second line, hip-hop (hey, similar to Davis McAlery).  In fact, Davis (real) writes a lot of the music for Davis (the character) in the show ... and he plays the keyboard player in Davis' band (was that confusing?). Rogan also helped write an episode in the first season. There was good piece this week on Davis by Ryan White over at Oregonian .... Show is at 9 pm, there's no cover ... and after Rogan, DJ Hwy 7 will spin some tasty tunes.

Here's Steve performing This City, a beautiful tune he wrote for Treme that ran with the final credits from the Season 1.


Anonymous said...

Davis Rogan show is Fri? Sat?

Jim Friscia said...

Friday at Kenton Club ... he'll be at Reed College on Saturday.