Friday, May 20, 2011

New Matt Sheehy project

Matt is a great song writer, who I met doing a video for Brent Knopf's band, Ramona Falls. You can see Ramona Falls on June 3rd at the New Rose Theatre on the Live Wire show. Meanwhile here is shameless promotion from Matt for his new band, Lost Lander. If you read down, you will see that Lost Lander is playing Holocene on June 2nd. I already got my song download..
...and y'all missed a great, but under attended show from Dead Rock West last night...check out their new CD of spirituals "Bright Morning Sky", produced by Peter Case. I have to go find someone to get me into the Iron and Wine show on the 31st; the lovely Nick Luca on keyboards for them this tour.


Lost Lander Press Contact:
Matt Sheehy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Portland, OR – May 20th, 2011 – The band Lost Lander announced to the Universe yesterday that they exist and released the track 'Cold Feet' from their upcoming debut album, DRRT, available for download through their website.
Yesterday on the Portland Mercury End Hits blog, writer Ned Lannamann scooped-
“Lost Lander is a new group, but it's the project of seasoned songwriter (and forester) Matt Sheehy, who plays in Ramona Falls. Sheehy also released the excellent solo album Tigerphobia in 2008.
DRRT was produced by Ramona Falls frontman Brent Knopf (formerly of Menomena) and his fingerprints are all over the record, which balances immaculately crafted, intricate studio work with Sheehy's cut-to-the-bone songwriting. Sheehy and Knopf often worked separately on DRRT, communicating via the internet, but also came together for different sessions at various locations on the Oregon Coast.

DRRT is scheduled to come out late August or early September, and prior to that the band will launch a Kickstarter fund at the beginning of June; contributors to the campaign will be able to hear the album in full. A video for "Cold Feet"... is also in the works. Lost Lander have a web page set up, plus a Bandcamp as well as the requisite Facebook and Twitter pages. You can stream "Cold Feet" here, of course, but it's kind of addictive, so you might want to go over to the Lost Lander page where you can download it for keeps. With a backing of wordless "oohs," more than a few echoes of Peter Gabriel, and the trilling organ line from Dylan's "Visions of Johanna" reimagined as cheerful whistling, it's a sleek pop song whose hooks sink in deep, long before you realize their emotional resonance.

Lost Lander—the group also includes musicians Dave Lowensohn, Patrick Hughes, and Sarah Fennell—performed their debut with Holcombe Waller on the Live Wire! radio show in April (you can hear the episode here).” The recording of Cold Feet also features Dana Janssen on drums.

Lost Lander will perform on June 2nd at Holocene as part of the PDX Pop Now! 2011 Compilation Release.


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