Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mississippi Rising . . .

Mississippi Studios is open for business. Last's night show was a great kickoff to what should become the premier music venue in Portland. They even got some live love from KGW during their newscast. See it here.

Well over 600 people came through the doors last night (luckily not all at once) and the buzz in the room was pretty special. A number of folks commented on how the new place still has some of the old space's vibe. The new space is so much larger, but even from the back of the balcony you still feel close to the stage. It sounded great, but once the sound techs (the most excellent Tony and Graham) get a chance to work more with the room, it will only get better.

Ticketed shows kick off tonight with two sold out performances by Blind Pilot, the 2009 buzz band of Portland, who are deservedly getting national attention. Shows are at 7 and 10 and there should be some tickets at the door. . . . $12


tim huggins said...

Thanks for finding that KGW video link... I was wondering what the heck was going on!

Also thanks for taking (and posting!) those awesome photos :)

Last night was a blast.

ckruell said...

Thanks for the post--I had no patience last night for standing in line :) though I'm disappointed I didn't get to come in and shoot some photos.

And I didn't know Blind Pilot was from here. Shows that on the internet you can be a, well, a band from anywhere.

Jim Friscia said...

Tim . . . you're welcome . . . and you guys sounded great last night.

Chris . . . yep they are and you should try to come by for the show.