Friday, January 23, 2009

Los Lobos and more . . .

The show I'm looking forward to this weekend is without question Los Lobos tonight at the Aladdin (8 PM . . . sold out, but show up if you want to go - there should be a few tickets available out front). For me this is a can't miss show. . . . Though billed as an acoustic evening, there'll be no lack of electricity. My favorite band of the last 25 years. Period.

But other shows that are a good bet for high entertainment value include . . .

If you don't have tickets to Los Lobos, I'd head over to the White Eagle for the Joe McMurrian Quartet CD release show. Joe's intense picking, slide work and smoky vocals backed by a killer rhythm section makes for some of the best music in town . . . these guys will be rockin' the Eagle. 9:30 PM, $6

Or catch the Devin Phillips Quartet at the intimate jazz club, The Cave. The quartet features not only the fine sax playing of Phillips, but also head Cave-man Alan Jones on drums. Sparks gonna fly! 8 PM, $5

For something completely different, the Shanghai Woolies will be playing their hot jazz sounds of the 20's and 30's at Tony's Starlight Supperclub & Lounge. I have heard great things about their shows. 8 & 10 PM, $10 and reservations are recommended.

My show pick for the night is Fernando and Amelia at the Doug Fir Lounge . . . . Fernando will be releasing his new CD, True Instigator, for free via download on his website on February 1. Come out and hear some of his great new tunes - I've had a pre-release preview and am loving what I'm hearing. There'll be a big CD release show on Feb 13, but this is a great opportunity to hear the band performing songs from the new release. Sharing the bill is Amelia, another of Portland's best bands, and fronted by the lovely voice of Teisha Helgerson. They only perform occasionally these days, so don't miss your opportunity to catch them. 9 PM, $12

For a more neighborhood pub kind of evening, Thad Beckman will be doing a solo show at the Muddy Rudder in Sellwood. If you haven't been over yet, this would be a fine night to grab a pint and a slice, and hear some great music. 8 PM, Free

It's the annual Free-For-All at the Crystal Ballroom - this year to celebrate its 95th birthday. From noon-ish until late, there'll be music to tickle almost any taste from some of the best of our musically diverse city . . . . . Come out and join the celebration.

Get out to a show! I know I'll see some of you tonight at the Aladdin.


WEGB said...

Heck yeah. Los Lobos is the place to be. See ya there, Jim

Valerie said...

Darn my timing, anyway!

Hey Jim, any chance you might get the Friday recommends up on Thursdays? With you impeccable taste, that so closely matches my own ;-), I'd be likely to follow your guidelines more if I weren't reading them after the fact so often ... Some of us don't actually check our personal email until we get home from work, ya know! And of course some of us don't get home from work at reasonable hours unless wey've been previously directed to the greatest shows in town ... Anyway, hope you had a fabulous time with the Wolves!

Valerie said...

Oh, and one more thing - thanks, wholeheartedly, for your incredible service to we music lovers. You the man!

Jim Friscia said...

Though I was/am pretty under the weather, I'm so glad I went to the show last night . . . they absolutely rocked the Aladdin.

As to being more timely with my recommendations - I agree completely! Always mean to have them up sooner . . . gotta work better on meeting my own deadlines. :)

Valerie said...

Sorry you're not feeling fab, Jim, but so glad you went! It's always good to get rocked no matter how one is feeling.