Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great show tonight at Duff's

The StrangeTones and Dave Gonzalez . . . . 9 PM, $10

From Duff's Garage website:

Dave Gonzalez of the Hacienda Brothers will be touring this summer to celebrate the life of his friend and musical partner Chris Gaffney. The touring will be difficult yet cathartic for Gonzalez. There hasn't been a tour in the past six years, since his days in the Paladins, that Gaffney hasn't been there right by Gonzales' side. Yet there is no better way to honor the memory of Chris than to go out and play to the audience that loved him so. This will be a chance for all of Chris' friends and fans to gather and pay tribute to one of the greatest American music performers of the past 20 years. Gonzalez will also be out supporting the release of the last studio album from the Hacienda Brothers, titled Arizona Motel.

Dave will also be playing at Duff's on Friday night with Lisa & Her Kin opening.

Here's a short interview from Fresh Air with Gonzalez and Gaffney.

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