Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two shows you really should try to catch

On Wednesday, Casey Neill and the Norway Rats will be performing at Lola's Room (downstairs from the Crystal Ballroom) . . . . they are coming off a short west coast tour, which means the band should be tight and ready. Great songwriter with an all-star Portland band - fine way to get over the hump this week. 8 PM, $8

Then be sure to head over to the LaurelThirst on Saturday night at 9:30 for James Low (and I so wish I wasn't going to be out of town!). As he's performing less frequently, this is a much anticipated show with a full band. I'll let James tell you more:

Hey All-

I hope Spring catches you in good spirits. With the hot weather coming at the end of this week I would think that the best way to end a day of gardening (or any other favorite outdoor activity) would be to head down to see me at the Laurelthirst on Saturday night. I'm excited that this will be the first show with Aram Arslanian on guitar. He's a friend of Scott Mcphereson (congratulations Scott!!) who moved up from LA a few months ago, and is a fantastic musician and all around guy. His addition has for the first time made the new line up really feel like a band. Justin Power will be opening the show. Every time I see that guy I'm amazed at how awesome he is. I just don't often see his name around cause he's apparently not a whore for attention like some of us. The band will follow with a thrilling set of Indie/Folk/Country/Rock/Emo/Industrial/Metal (I stole the Metal part from Weinland). Then I'll be capping off the night with a solo set on acoustic guitar and banjo.

I'm also very excited to have the artwork for The Blackguard's Waltz back, and it is really amazing. Thanks to Jamie Wolcott for that. The design is begging to be made into a T-shirt, which leads me to my next problem. I have bins and bins of unloved shirts dating back to Blackheart that are in need of a home. Saturday night is the night. Free T-shirts!!! Whatever is not spoken for by the end of the night is going to Goodwill. They would be happier among friends though, so imagine how great it would feel to clean your house in a vintage JLow shirt, and come on down Saturday.

If you don't want to be on this email list reply with "I hate you, you bastard!" in the subject header, and I'll take you right off.

Best wishes for Spring (Spring which I love, but she makes me so miserable- just like the rest of the women in my life),

James Low

BTW . . . to subscribe to James' email list, send him an email ( jlowmusic AT gmail DOT com ) with the subject line: "I love you, you bastard!" . . . I'm sure it will get his attention.

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