Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick recommendations for tonight

Some fine Thursday night choices in town . . .

My pick show of the night is Amelia and Lael Alderman at Mississippi Studios - 8 PM, $14

But there's also . . .

Alan Jones Presents w/Dave Captein & Alexander Berne at The Cave (at The Green Onion) - new club near PSU with predominantly jazz programming. 8 PM, $5 . . . and all ages until 9:30

Lincoln Crockett and Garett Brennan at the LaurelThirst - 9:30 PM (and Lewi Longmire Band for happy hour)

Lauren Sheehan at the Muddy Rudder - 8 PM, free

and . . . the legendary Tom Jones at the Schnitz - 7:30 PM, $70/$86

Believe it or not, I'm going to be at the Tom Jones show . . . boring story, but I know his drummer which has resulted in a free ticket . . . may drop in late at either Mississippi Studios or The Cave (been wanting to check out the venue).

Great music choices . . . . now get out of the house! (but do know that I often don't follow my own advice)


Chris said...

Tom Jones is _not_ a boring choice! Or at least he wasn't a few years ago--the man still has pipes. Have fun!

Jim Friscia said...

the story about getting a ticket is boring . . . I don't expect boring from Tom!