Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday flashes

Memorial Day weekend . . . not yet the beginning of summer (and at the moment, nowhere feeling near summer) . . . yet I'm getting itchy for sun (okay I missed last weekend), homegrown veggies, and outdoor music. But it's coming, and I will get to those shows real soon.

But for now a couple of quick for tonight . . .

It's a locals night for me, with a little New Orleans jazz and R'nB with Reggie Houston at Halibuts @ 8:00; the wonderful vocalist Miss Michael Jodell & the Dim Sums (Alan Hunter and Matt Brown) at the Press Club @ 8:00; rockabilly with Lisa and Her Kin at Duff's Garage @ 9:00; and the 30's/40's vocal stylings of the Stolen Sweets at the Alberta Street Public House @ 9:30. Support your local artists!

More later or tomorrow for Saturday night . . .

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