Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A don't miss show tonight

The first time I heard Judith Owen sing - doing duet and background vocals for Richard Thompson - about 5 years ago, she knocked me out. Absolutely stunning vocalist. Performing here last year with Thompson and Debra Dobkin in RT's 1000 Years of Popular Music, Owen carried much of the evening and was a revelation to the audience. Came to find out she was a fine songwriter, solo performer, and more. She was described this way by the Boston Globe in a review of her latest CD, Mopping Up Karma:

…records that blur the line between troubadour and chanteuse, pastoral beauty and urbane sophistication. Her songs are literate, and often melancholy, but also pithy and blunt. She’s been accurately described as the female Randy Newman, but there’s one big difference: Owen’s voice is gorgeous. It’s a phenomenally forthright instrument that whispers when necessary and wails when the moment calls for candor.”

Judith Owen will be doing a very special intimate performance at Mississippi Studios tonight at 8 PM. Can't think of a better place to hear her either. $14

Oh . . . and Judith's husband, Harry Shearer, will be there too. Yes, that Harry Shearer - comedian, writer, satirist, actor, director, songwriter, etc, etc . . . Spinal Tap, The Simpsons, SNL, Le Show . . . one of the more entertaining human beings on the planet. Nice opening act support, Judith!

I don't often say don't miss this show, but I'll definitely say it for this one. See you there.

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