Thursday, December 13, 2007

A comment from Stephen Bruton on his Portland show

Happened to go to Stephen Bruton's site and below is an excerpt from his road reports under his News link (he wrote this last month). His trip to the NW was his first since his cancer treatments and recovery.

My year just started for me when I was able to get back and start playing. I did a short tour in September, dubbed the "Victory Lap Tour 2007" with Yoggie and Tom Fillman. We did the Pacific Northwest down through Los Angeles. It was a great time for me both musically and restoratively. It was tiring and my voice was not responding like it used to, but hell, I've never been known for my vocal prowess. I just get the point across and I'm happy to be able to do that. The tour had several highlights for me. In Portland, Oregon, we had a capacity crowd at the Mississippi Studios and pretty much played my entire repertoire. Close to a 3 hour show. What a great audience! We played other places and I'm anxious to go back to all of them but that night was special.

It was really gratifying to be part of that night, and I'm glad Portland could be such a great audience . . . . my heartfelt thanks to those of you who made it to that show. It really was one of the best musical experiences of 2007 (for me anyway). Hopefully we can get Stephen back up here in 2008.

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