Saturday, November 24, 2007


Not making any musical recommendations today, but thought I'd just muse a bit on what I'm thankful for this year (in a musical way) . . . .

- For the depth and richness of the local music scene -- there's so much great live music that can be found on any day of the week in clubs around town. Don't take it for granted and get out occasionally to support it. (you're not that distracted, cheap, or old yet)
- For a Portland music community that gives back to the greater community - for their own who are sick (and without health insurance) or to causes local, like the amazing work that goes into the Waterfront Blues Festival to benefit the Oregon Food Bank, and global, like the work of Stephanie Schneiderman and all of the musicians that took part in Mercy Corps' Victims of Silent Disasters concerts.
- For people like Jim Brunberg and the staff of MS who create and run venues that do their best to respect both the audience and the artist. It's about the music, and the experience - that communion of artist, audience and venue - must reflect it. Unfortunately, doing that often means it's a lot harder for the venue to survive. Kudos to those who walk the fine line to make it happen.
- For the patience of those artists, managers, agents and promoters who tolerate the amateurs like me who sometimes can be pests and just get in the way.
- For the opportunity to return to doing a radio show after 30 or so years. Thank you KMHD for taking a chance on Mississippi West. And thanks to Dave and Mike for tolerating this rusty and opinionated partner . . .
- For all the wonderful friends I have made because of my love of music -- it's good to find kindred spirits and artists who create such soul-satisfying sounds. I consider myself beyond lucky.

All for now. . . . I'll get back to posting about live music next week.

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Valerie said...

Hear, hear - or here, here, whichever it is!

Thanks, Jim, for pointing us all towards three of the most important things we've got - music, community, and gratitude. I appreciate all you do to bring more of these into all of our lives.

With gratitude of my own,